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Who are we?

House of Feet is a foot care centre, with head office in Bruges. In our workshop in Bruges we make custom insoles and shoes. This website, aimed at professionals in the care sector, is a channel to inform and support you and to assist you in providing your patients with optimum foot care.   As our services vary for each discipline, we have made a division for each target group. But if you can’t immediately find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  

What we do.


3D milled, 3D printed or the traditional way? We have everything in-house to tailor the perfect sole for your patient.

Custom orthopaedic shoes

For five generations, we have been building a company that has developed in a modern, contemporary orthopaedic centre with a reliable reputation throughout the whole of Belgium.

Semi-orthopaedic shoes

At House of Feet we distinguish 4 groups of semi-orthopedic shoes: shoes for wheelchair-bound patients, orthotic shoes, diabetes shoes and correction shoes for children.

Diabetic shoes

To prevent a possible ulcer in diabetes, we have a wide range of diabetes shoes. Supple leather, plenty of room for the toes and no seams!

Custom-made rehabilitation shoes

For patients with burns, atonic wounds, radiation or amputations, we make a tailor-made rehabilitation shoe within 5 working days.

safety shoes

We make fully customized orthopedic work shoes that meet the highest European safety standards. Measurement can be done at home, in the hospital, on the shop floor or in one of our service centers!

Safety soles

Our combined knowledge results in perfect custom-made safety shoes that fulfil the most stringent European safety standards.

gait analysis

We can screen patients for preventive and corrective treatment by means of pressure measurement and corresponding video analysis. In this way we can prevent and treat foot problems and problems higher up in the body.

Podological treatments

Our podologists help your patients with all kinds of foot problems. Ranging from problems with the shape or mobility of the foot to overload wounds and more.

How can we help you?

Doctors / specialists

Taping experts

House of Feet podologische behandelingen


Shoe technicians

Healthcare colleagues

House of Feet - Bruges




For five generations, we have been building a company that has developed in a modern, contemporary orthopaedic centre with a reliable reputation throughout the whole of Belgium.



House of Feet has seven shops in Flanders. In addition to two shops in Bruges, the company also has branches in Ypres, Ostend, Lokeren, Aalst and Deurne.



The history of De Prêtre goes back to the end of the 19th century when leather trader Pieter Benjamin set up De Prêtre in the Moerstraat in Bruges.



3D printing now offers possibilities that are revolutionary for our sector and we want to be a trendsetter.


Own workshop

Our workplace, where both our shoes and insoles are produced, is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe.



“Your feet in good hands” is our slogan for a good reason. This is our mission.

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“Dear care professional, it is our aim to support you with advice and assistance, to make standing, walking and running as pleasant as possible for your patients.”

Tom Boerjan


The House of Feet project is financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Flemish Co-Financing Fund (VCF).

With this project we want to create workable and agile work so that people come to work with great pleasure. In this way, our employees can fully utilize and further develop their talents. By involving them more in the entire process, we realize change, resulting in a win-win for employees, society, market and organization.