Semi-orthopaedic shoes

House of Feet has 4 main groups of semi-orthopaedic shoes. Shoes for wheelchair patients, orthotic shoes, diabetic shoes and corrective shoes for children.

Shoes for patients in wheelchairs

Wheelchair-bound patients, who have an anatomical deformity of the feet and are therefore no longer able to walk, are entitled to an annual reimbursement of EUR 144.08.

These adaptive shoes are comfortable and provide protection for patients who are unable to walk or can only walk a short distance and are easy to put on and take off.


Orthotic shoes

Orthotic shoes are shoes that provide space to fit an orthosis (e.g. a foot raiser). This kind of shoe is wider and deeper than standard shoes and is also available for children.



Corrective shoes for children

Children up to the age of 5, who are entitled to a reimbursement of EUR 163.35 on a pair of semi-orthopaedic shoes, are entitled to a reimbursement 3 times a year.  

Children older than 5 and younger than 18 are entitled to this reimbursement twice a year.

Anti-varus shoes

For children with an adduction of the forefoot, anti-varus shoes may offer a solution. These corrective shoes will prevent the foot from reverting to the deformed position.

diabetic shoes

see diabetic shoes


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