Safety shoes

We make fully custom-made orthopaedic work shoes that comply with the highest European safety norms. Measurement can take place in the home or hospital, at the workplace or in one of our service centres!


The success of a good pair of safety shoes, just like our orthopaedic shoes, lies with exact measurement. To do this as accurately as possible, we have a number of methods.

We can put the feet in a plaster cast or in an impression box. We can also scan feet in 3D using the Structure sensor on iPad or with a laser scanner in one of our centres.

We treat patients for orthopaedic shoes in the home or hospital, in one of our service centres or directly at the patient’s workplace.


To comply with the high European safety standards we work together with external partners. Our expertise in the area of custom shoes together with their expertise in safety shoes make for a perfect partnership.



If a patient has a prescription from a specialist and already receives a reimbursement for orthopaedic shoes from the healthcare insurer, we can submit a request to the VDAB for orthopaedic safety shoes on his/her behalf. A reimbursement for orthopaedic safety shoes can also be requested from the healthcare insurer for patients who are the victim of an accident.

We take care of all the administration. So no stress either for the referrer or the patient.

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