House of Feet takes over Frank Borghs

Tom Boerjan, CEO House of Feet

Tom Boerjan, CEO

12 January 2022

House of Feet wasn’t created in a day. For five generations, we have been building a company that has developed in a modern, contemporary orthopaedic centre with a reliable reputation throughout Belgium.

To increase our national coverage, we are taking over the commercial activities of our Antwerp-based colleague Frank Borghs from Deurne. This makes House of Feet one of the most important players in insoles, orthopaedic shoes and medical foot care in Belgium.

”Belgian healthcare will face major challenges in the coming years. People are living longer, and the demand for healthcare is growing.  Conditions such as diabetes, congenital foot defects or sports injuries are a common cause of foot problems on a daily basis. With the takeover of Frank Borghs in Deurne, it will be even easier for Antwerp customers to get excellent foot care.”

Tom Boerjan

CEO, House of Feet

The acquisition brings the total number of service centres to six. Besides the head office in Bruges, House of Feet also has branches in Ypres, Ostend, Lokeren, Aalst and now also Deurne.

Overname Borghs door House of Feet

Acquisition strengthens position of House of Feet in its role as foot care specialist


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