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Quality of life regained after accidental amputation

Stefan De Hert - Shoe Technician at House of Feet

Stefan De Hert, shoe technician

3 maart 2022

In most cases, we make orthopaedic shoes for people with a pathological defect. But this is not always the case.

Thus, accident victims also find their way to House of Feet. Besides the doctor, the orthopaedic shoe technologist also plays an important role in the recovery of the victim.

This patient came to our shoe technician Stefan De Hert after a serious work accident in which he lost his toes. In order to achieve the desired result, a prosthesis first had to be made. For this, we use a soft thermoformed material that does not cause friction or pressure points.
Orthopedische schoen na amputatie
Orthopedische orthese voor patiënt na amputatie
The construction of the prosthesis, has a certain solidity which is necessary to achieve support and the necessary comfort when walking and also serves to respect balance. The contrefort is also made of sturdy material in order to cushion the tarsus and to keep the position of the foot stable. An early unroll and a reinforcement in the sole should serve to normalise the step.
After the careful fitting with the patient and the finishing of the shoe, the new orthopaedic shoes are ready for delivery. Thanks to his new custom-made shoes with an adapted forefoot prosthesis, our patient is able to perform his daily tasks again, and he can also start walking and working again. Proud that we were able to help this man regain his mobility!
Patient can walk again with orthopaedic shoes

See how this patient regains his mobility with our orthopaedic shoes.


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