A first in 3D-printing

Bruges orthopaedic company has Belgian first with 3D-printer for insoles

Piet De Ville, journalist KW

6 September 2021

The well-known orthopaedic company House of Feet (by De Prêtre) in Bruges is the first in Belgium to use a 3D printer for insoles. “The main advantage is that there’s no waste with this method, while with the traditional method sixty percent of the milling block is milled away”, says CEO Tom Boerjan.

At House of Feet by De Prêtre, a family company in Bruges where the sixth generation is now working, we are particularly proud of the use of the Podoprinter. And rightly so, as this is a first in Belgium. The Podoprinter is a compact, environment-friendly 3D printer that can print insoles for both sports and traditional shoes.

House Of Feet’ shoe technicians and podologists first make an accurate 3D scan of the patient’s feet. Based on this, an insole is designed digitally. “The next stage is the 3D printing in the Podoprinter. Different insoles can be placed in a queue so that the printer can carry on working through the night”, says associate director and production manager Kristof De Prêtre.

Associate director and production manager Kristof De Prêtre and CEO Tom Boerjan at the Podoprinter. 

No waste or dust

“This printer has a number of big advantages”, adds CEO Tom Boerjan. “There’s no waste with 3D printing, while with the traditional milling method 60% of the milling block is milled away. And there’s no dust. The system also requires less manual work, which means we have more time for our clients. And we can guarantee shorter delivery times. This is in line with the further innovation of our company.”

In addition to the head office on industrial park Blauwe Toren in Bruges, House of Feet also has shops in Bruges city centre, Ostend, Ypres, Deurne, Aalst and Lokeren.

Published in the Krant van West-Vlaanderen on 6 September 2021: klik hier.


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